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Amelia is a little girl with loads of meaning for us, as all being ok she will be our first breeding queen. She joined us on the 30-06-07 and we couldn't be more pleased with this lovely baby. 
After see the quality of Enya and Jazz I was very clear in my mind  that I wanted a sister of them for my first queen and the dream just materialized.

She is very promising and lovely in temperament so we can't wait to see how she develops. In the mean time we just enjoy watching this little express train running around and making comparisons to who she looks like.

She has settled here incredibly well, and her big sisters,  "uncle" and "aunties" absolutely love her. She is particularly fond of Enya and constantly follows her everywhere. Every time Enya is around you could say that  "it's me and my shadow". Enya has took her under her paw extremely well and washes her and plays with her like she knows they are family.

Time soon goes by and Amelia had her first litter on the 24th-May-2008 and her second litter on the 19-May-2009 and on the 13th of April 2010 she gave birth to her last litter due to some minor complications and a C-section we choose have her neutered as she is first and foremost our beloved pet. She has proved herself an extraordinarily good mummy and we feel especially fortunate to have such a beautiful foundation queen with a lovely temperament and pedigree. She is all we could have wished for and we are so proud of her babies. 

Thank you again Firoza and Na'il Davies for allowing us to have yet another  beautiful girl. 

HCM Normal 2008 and 2013 
GSD IV Normal 
Four weeks after giving birth to her 1st litter ( June 2008) Amelia was very poorly and for a start nobody knew the cause because nothing was showing in any test. Our vets treated her the best they could but it came to the point that they couldn't find the cause of the problem, and we didn't have time on our side to wait for more results so she was sent to Davies veterinary specialist hospital (Hertfordshire), and spent a whole day there, where they did a huge list of tests and ultrasounds. 
In July after being back from Davies she vomited an incredibly huge fur ball that surely can go into the Guinness record book, and even our vets have said that it was the biggest furr ball they had ever seen, and has caused much amazement amongst them all ;-).  
Thank goodness after that she picked up immensely. We really thought we were going to lose her. 
All her tests have come back negative and normal so hopefully even if she was a bit undignified because they got carried away with the shaving and completely lost her lovely condition, she is now back to herself, recovering from the blockage caused by the  huge fur ball that almost killed her. 

We feel really happy she is getting there and we can leave behind that horrible month.

Dam: IC GB*Tuulikki Luonnotar   Sire: IC Norgeskaukatt Ilios

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