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Tree House Cattery
Breeder of Big Bang Theory, Ginger Ale and home of GB Nandinakatts Jemima Puddle Duck

GB* Nandinakatts Coco Chanel

Mountain Spirit Norwgain Forest Cats
Home of Champion GB*Nandinakatts Gummy Bear
, GB*Nandinakatts Beyonce and GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth

Home of GB*Nandinakatts Jingle Belle, GB*Nandinakatts Christmas Pudding

GB*Nandinakatts Chris Kindle, CH GB*Nandinakatts Minxy Minx and GB*Nandinakatts Cassanova.

Breeder of BE*Gilgad's Purple Haze "Freddie"


Home of Premier GB*Nandinakatts Honey Honey, Champion GB*Nandinkatts Whenever Wherever,

GB*Nandinakatts Mistletoe and GB*Nandinakatts Love Me Do.

Kirby Norwegian Forest Cat Cattery
Home of CFA CH GB*Nandinakatts Mon Amor

La Peyre Norwegian Forest Cats
Breeder of GIC K-2 Chogori La Peyre*ES - Sire of our litter 1 & Xarel Lo La Peyre*ES

and home of GB*Nandinakatts Rihanna.

Home of CH GB*Nandinakatts Love Machine "Gizmo"

Home of GB*Nandinakatts Lady Edith

Old Possum's Practical Cats
Home of EC Lennart Biggyson av Trulla - Sire of our litters 2,3,4 & 5
Breeder of Old Possum's Tummel "Amadeus"
Home of GB*Nandinakatts Gypsy.


Norsvana Norwgian Forset Cats

Breeder of Molly, Jazz, Enya and Amelia.

Macleod Cattery
Home of SP GB*Nandinakatts Simply Red


Lofreya Norwegian Forest Cats - Cardiff

Beautiful Pastel Portraits by Matt Hubbard



Luchs Skien

Fini's Place - ES
Fini's Place ES*

Naturligelurer Cattery


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