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Updated 29th May 2018

Is was the 10 year birthday of our first litter!!! so that means that Nandinakatts is also 10 years of breeding.
We are very happy of share this hobby with other people and friends, and all the wonderful people we have meet along the way that share our passion for Norwegian Forest Cats.

Our no longer little "bunnies" are growing to be a delightful characterful kittens.

7 May 2018

Cats are being enjoying the bank holidays, the weather and some bubbles :)

The little "bunnies" are growing lovely and are starting to be great explorers, releasing their inner rascals :)).Boo is not very convinced they should get out and spends all day returning kittens to the box. I'll try to update their pictures soon.

Enya and Jazz celebrated their 12 birthday on the 29th of April, we hope they will be around for many years to come.

Father of our current litter our gentle boy Tommen still with some of his winter coat.

24th April 2018

We welcome our first litter this year, our Peter Rabbit litter of 6 beautiful kittens between Boo (GB*Nandinakatts Mississippi Mud Pie) and Bigotitos (Ch Tommen Baratheon Tree House*ES).

Our Shadowhunters have all move to their new families and started their new adventures.This last weekend the remained two, Alec and Magnus, moved to sunny Spain, were they will be spoiled and rotten. Izzy is now enjoying the company of one of her nephews, so is Clary and Jace Walance will be part of our breeding plans when he is old enough.

This year we have loads of plans but cats not always agree with human plans as we all know :).

22nd April 2017

We are still having problems with broadband and house phone line, we have no land line from 4th of March thanks to Virgin being so difficult and slow.
Please use our email address to contact us.

We want to welcome our Vampire Diaries litter between Rocko and Juliet. More info will come soon.

We also want to welcome the first litters sired by Prince Charming over Padawan cattery, of our dear friends Alexandra and Nuno.

22nd March

Last weekend we had a lovely time in the Viking Cat Club were on Sunday we celebrated the 11 months birthday of Rocko and he was Ex1, CAC both days, nominated both days and Biv-Total on Sunday of a fantastic group 6.

GB*Nandinakatts Robin Hood made his debuts on Shows and was Ex1, CAC both days and just delighfull to have in the show bench.

As some of our cats entered decided they had another compromises on the day we took SP & GIC GB*Nandinakatts Mrs Tiggy Winkle and she gaines another Prize of Honour for her colection on the Saturday. On Sunday she didn't want wake up that early :-)

Our Once Upon a Time litter are growing fast and wonderful, at the moment all the kittens are on hold waiting for their visist of their prospective new families, a bit late but due to an incredible busy time for us.

Mummy, daughter Ariel....and feathers

Last but not least Juliet is expecting her first litter of kittens around the middle of April, we are very excited about this.

Baby Juliet