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Maisy arrived at the house from a litter of five on the 8th of December 1996 with her sister Daisy, and soon the house was full of the two girls running around and playing together.

Maisy doesn't like to be picked up, but she has a very loud and characteristic purr that she uses constantly when she is close to you.

She is a very laid back cat, and is happy with almost everything.

She has a great relationship with Daisy but is absolutely adored by Charlie.

Wherever she goes Charlie is not far behind her and they usually always sleep together.

She is a very playful cat and spends hours looking at birds. Too slow to catch any but she is quite content just looking!

Maisy is one of our oldest cats now and enjoys a life in a private garden with Charlie and sometimes Erin or Shakira. She cannot be bothered with much thses days, just sleeping outside in "Bamboo Towers" and occasionally watching the birds feeding in the front of the house. Unfortunately she is diabetic and has to endure daily injections and tablets, both of which there is much protesting about but after that its back to purring again.

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