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Molly joined us in the beginning of March 2005, she was the present I really wished for and the reason for this website. I was going on and on about this breed and finally the dream came true. Whey they told me to find one on the internet, immediately I went through links as I didn't know any pages in the UK at this time, and there she was!, looking at me with her "special something" and an expression to die for. I wasn't too enthusiastic about high-whites then, but she made everyone change their mind about this.

Sadly we lost her on 17th April 2006, and it has been very hard.

We all miss her so much!

She was Daddy's colour but pretty much like her mum in all the other aspects, and she definitely had her mum's expressions and ways. With a lovely temperament and always into everything. She soon made friends with the other cats and especially with all the "Wildlife". She used to spend hours playing with frogs in the garden, always without damaging them.

Molly only went to 3 shows, the first time we did a cat show and we were amazed and proud with her incredible results!

We are delighted to announce that Molly’s achievements were  acknowledged by our club,  
At the Norwegian Forest Cat Special  held in Milton Keynes in January 2007, the category for Best Female Neuter (which Molly herself won in 2006), will receive the 
"Jotunkatts Nandina Memorial Trophy".  
This will be awarded to the winner of this category every year in her memory. 
Needless to say we are very proud of Molly, and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our club. 


We couldn't ask for more from our first Norwegian!

Thank you Firoza and Na'il Davies for the privilege of owning one of your beautiful babies.

We are eternally greatful.

Dam: CH GB* Tuulikki Princess Gabrielle "Poppy" Sire: Dayjoy Omahony "Armani"
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