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26th December 2013

Kittens are now 4 weeks old and totally adorable, they purr and pedal with just looking at them :)

Thanks for all your interest in this litter but the kittens are all on hold waiting for their prospective new owners to visit.

Shuuuush! Mummy is sleeping.

We have some good news. In mid January Missy and Freddy are expecting the patter of tiny paws if all goes well.

Boomer has settled in very well and there will be more pics when the weather and light is better.

New pics of Sybil @ 10 Months Old. (about time too)

We had a lovely weekend with the lovely GOE team at Swanley, where we meet again with some cats that are happily living with their new families
The cats had fab rapports (thank to the judges) and here are the results with loads of beautiful cats in competition:
Saturday 14th December
IC BE*Gilgad's Purple Haze - CAGCIB, Nom
GB*Nandinakatts Lady Sybil Ex2 (She lost against half sister Gypsy :))
IP GB*Nandinakatts Lance Sweets- CAGPIB
IC & IP GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin- CAGPIB, Nom, BIS Female Neuter
Boomer Nabatea*ES- EX1
GB*Nandinakatts Gypsy- CAC (Thanks Judith MacArthur for taking her so beautifully)
Sunday 15th December
IC BE*Gilgad's Purple Haze - CAGCIB
GB*Nandinakatts Lady Sybil starting calling and was a bit scare so we decided she stayed happily cuddeling in the pen with best pal Boomer
IP GB*Nandinakatts Lance Sweets- CAGPIB
IC & IP GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin- CAGPIB, Nom, BIS Female Neuter!
Boomer Nabatea*ES- EX1 and special prize Best Imported Cat
GB*Nandinakatts Gypsy- CAC
GB*Nandinakatts Caramel Cove- Ex1 (The lovely judge wanted to take him home with her :))
GB*Nandinakatts Jelly Bean- Ex4 (Thank you Linda Smile and family for take them to their first show and spoilt them rotten)

After a lovely weekend in Perigueux, France, in wonderful company.
Boomer Nabatea*ES is finally in his new home and he couldn't travel and settle any better. Once again we want to thank you Nabatea Nfo for allow this wonderful boy to move with us xxx
It was soooo nice also put faces in a lot of people and meet them in person
Thank you Ghilde Des Elfes Cattery for all the wonderful photos
Gilgad's Purple Haze became International Champion and Lance International Premier also Olivia did so well getting unanimous bis female neuter and neuter on saturday and loosing in the draw of neuters on sunday
Boomer did all of us very proud with his biv-total and Mary had both days her first CAC at her tender age.

The results will soon be in their own pages and we got loads of pics thanks to their new owners to go with it from the shows.

24th December 2013

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone that visits our site.

We are having a well deserved rest from shows until the winners show in January.

Even then it will be like a little holiday for us as its being held in our home town of Corby.

I suspect there will be more pics to look at in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled.

12th December 2013

Well, what an eventful weekend we have had in France. We were in Perigueaux at a cat/animal show.

See a short video here.

Well we were greeted by Cats, Dogs, Pidgeons, All sorts of birds, Rabbits, Pigs, Snakes and Fish plus numerous other animals in an outside tent just like a circus.

Not sure this was a good idea in light of spreading diseases!!!

Queenie's kittens are all putting on weight and are deveoping nicely. Clara will do pics as and when time and light conditions are in abundance.

Also we brought back our new boy "Boomer" from the show. He was being shown by our friends and his breeders, Carolina and Saul from Spain (Nabatea Cattery). We thank them very much for allowing us to have this stunning boy to add to our breeding programme.

New pics of Jemima Puddle duck

27th November 2013

Queeny would like to intoduce you to one of the new arrivals after an amourous day with Freddie.

More pics to follow soon.

New pics of Lady Grantham courtesy of her new owners J&A.

20th November 2013

Well, our regular viewers must think we have emigrated to Mars. Apologies for taking so long to update but it has been a busy month with one thing or another what with preparations for and going to the World Show in Denmark.

The cats behaved very well and we are very proud of them.

PR GB*Nandinakatts Lance Sweets Ex2(3)

IC IP GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin Ex2(3)

CH Gilgad's Purple Haze Ex4(7)

Freddy reunited with his dad.

Linus (GIC S*Animaniac's Hot Line) and his son Freddie (CH Gilgad's Purple Haze)

The cats enjoyed their little holiday and so did we!

Lance in doing his Baywatch on the beach :)

Ollie stepping out in the garden

BTW Before anyone comments, they are both with a harness on until I Photoshopped them!!

We also got to meet the first baby Sumatran Tiger born in Denmark in Aalborg Zoo.

The little fellows first venture outside @ 5 weeks old.

Sadly we missed the Polar Bears who went on their own vacation the day before we arrived:(

More pics and possibly a short video coming soon.

We are also happy to announce that if everything is alright at the end of the month we shall welcome a litter between Queeny and Freddie.

Lady Mary was in a show in Malaga, Spain and was Ex1, BIV 3-10 and NOM on Saturday and Ex1, NOM on Sunday. Thank you Carol and Saul for taking care of her so well.

Between now and Christmas we shall be busy with the Swanley show and also one in France we are attending in December.

All of our kittens except for Cupcake, who will move to Porugal at the end of the month are happily settled in their new homes.

Thank you all the owners that sent pics and we shall update their pages soon.

Sadly yesterday we got the news that Zak Addy was involved in an accident and passed away. RIP sweet boy.

After having 4 wonderful litters and being an excellent mother to all of them, Erin IC GB*Nandinakatts Sugababe is now a happy neuter. She will remain part of our family like all of our cats and perhaps will visit the show bench again when she is recovered.

6th October 2013

Yesterday Candy Crush left us and today has been the turn of Purple and Sweetie who are going together.

Purple ready to exit stage left feeling really chilled out with his new parents.

We want to wish them the best of luck in their new adventures with their lovely new families:)


Yesterday Edith and Gizmo went to the annual Norsk Skogatt show in GCCF and the y did us proud getting first in their open and Gizmo his imperial certificate.

Also Amadeus is very proud of his son Huggy Bear (breed but our friend Julie) that yesterday was BOB at the same show.

Lady Mary attended to her first show in Spain and she was both days Ex1 and nominated on Sunday.

23rd September 2013

All 8 Candy Crush kittens have now found their forever homes and patiently waiting to go. Currently they are all working off excess energy in the garden and getting more brave every day.

We may have some exciting news in the next 2 or 3 weeks so keep your eyes on this space!!!


14th September 2013

We just got the results of our cats for PK Deficiency from UC Davies in California:
CH Gilgad's Purple Haze - N/N
CH Old Possum's Tummel, JW- N/N
CH GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth N/N
SC GB*Nandinakatts Shakira - N/N
IC GB*Nandinakatts Sugababe - N/N
GIC GB*Nandinakatts Mrs Tiggy Winkle -N/N
We are extremely happy :)!! as no copies of PK deficiency found so our cats are normal.
This also means all their offspring is free by parentage :).

8th September 2013

New pics of Candy Crush and Candy Crush 2 litters, Seeley Booth and Hola.

Short video of Candy Crush 2 litter in the garden for the first time Click here

We went to the Coventry Show yesterday and despite a certain amount of confusion with one judge leading to a longer than expected day, all in all we all had a good time meeting a few old friends along the way.

At the show venue there were also two wedding parties and an abundance of extremely bright orange dresses adorning what we think must have been a dance troupe. It didn't matter if the sun was in or out when they turned up :)

Coventry Show Results: IC & Premier GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin- CAPIB, Nom, BIS Female Neuter & BIS Neuter and became International Premier
Gildad's Purple Haze- CACIB
GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth- CACIB, BIV-Total
GB*Nandinakatts Lance Sweets- CAPIB, NOM
GB*Nandinakatts Temperance Brennan- Got her first CAC
GB*Nandinakatts Lady Sybil - Ex1

It was lovely to see Chris Kindle "Tommy", Casanova in their first show (they have done your mum proud as I'm sure she was watching :-)) and Jingle Belle "Mexi" and Minxy Minx "Fluff". All received their certificates and behaved lovely
Thank you Annette to show them so nicely.
Also we got the pleasure visit of Lisa and Chris :).
It was a very nice show and it was so nice to see everyone xxx

Caramel Cove 8 weeks.

25th August 2013

New pics of Candy Crush and Candy Crush 2 litters, Lance Sweets and Miss Tarty Pants and Gizmo.

We had our last visit for this year to Dr Fuentes and the lovely Lois and these are the results:

CH BE*Gilgad's Purple Haze- HCM Normal

GIC GB*Nandinakatts Mrs Tiggy Winkle-HCM Normal

CH GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth- HCM Normal

We are extremely happy as all of our current breeding cats and some of the neuters that have been used for breeding have normal heart scans and blood tests. This routine will be repeated next year except with the oldest ones that have been given the all clear now :)

Charlie the remaining pensioner has realised his soul mate isnt there anymore and is wandering round the garden looking everywhere for Maisy. On top of all that we had to give him a good combing this week as he is too old to be bothered with washing his coat anymore. Needless to say Clara and I are now the bad people who make the pain!! I think he feels better for it though.

We are happy to have been in the first Fife show in Scotland. The cats travelled very well although we had trouble with the hotel which has been reported to in no uncertain terms. On the plus side the cats seemed to enjoy the show and gave us no trouble as usual either at the venue of in the hotel.

Pr & IC GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin - 2 x Ex1, CAPIB, 1 Nom

Gilgad's Purple Haze - Saturday Ex1, CAC becoming Champion, Sunday took his first CACIB

GB*Nandinakatts Lance Sweets - Saturday Ex1, CAP becoming Premier, Sunday CAPIB

GIC GB*Nandinakatts Mrs Tiggy Winkle -2 x Ex1, CACs, 1 x NOM

The show was well organised and we are so happy we came back with two champions (but are they Scottish or English?) :)


15th August 2013

It's with a sad heart we report that Maisy, one of our "pensioners" was diagnosed with lumps on the lungs yesterday. Although there was treatment available we felt that due to her age we could not put her through all that traumer when there was no guarantee she would survive.

R.I.P. Maisy

Yesterday we scan more of ours

13th August 2013

New pics of Candy Crush and Candy Crush 2 litters.

Both litters are growing nicely and are now getting their own little characters.

New pics of Lady Mary courtesy of Nabatea Spain.

7th August 2013

New pics of Candy Crush and Candy Crush 2 litters.

New pics of Princess Kate and Queen Elizabeth.

2nd August 2013

New pics of Candy Crush and Candy Crush 2 litters.

Due to unfortunate circumstances Candy Crush has become available again.

The kittens are all growing very well and are starting to find the wonders of real food

and the litter trays.

We are very pleased with their progress.

We are also looking forward the next show in Scotland.

C'mon gimmeeeee a hug (Bubblegum Troll)

Kylie doesn't want to know about Pudding Pagoda's sweet nothings!

25th July 2013

New pics of Candy Crush and Candy Crush 2 (21 days old) litter, New pics of Miss Tiggywinkle (Hola).

17th July 2013

New pics of Candy Crush litter and Candy Crush 2 litter.

My mum loves me!


We have been in Moulton International Cat Show and the results are as follow.

CH GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth Ex1, CACIB, NOM on Saurday, Ex1, CACIB on Sunday

IC & PR GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin CAPIB and NOM on Saturday and CAPIB on Sunday

Gilgad's Purple Haze Ex1, CAC, BIV-Total on Saturday and Ex2(3) on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Lance Sweets Ex1(3), CAP, BIV on Saturday and CAP on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Lady Sybil was Ex2 both days


Last Wednesday we got the pleasure to visit again Dr Virginia Luis Fuentes for more HCM test:

GIC GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin-HCM Normal

GB*Nandinakatts Temperance Brennan -HCM Normal

CH GB*Nandinakatts Miss Tarty Pants-HCM Normal

SP GB*Jotunkatts Mountain Lily, DSM-HCM Normal

We are very happy:-)

We are still having the pleasure of visist the Royal Veterinary College later in the summer and results will be post here, :-)

6th July 2013

Appologies for the website being out of action. We have changed to a new host and its taken time to get fully working. Hopefully we are now back in action and lots of info will follow shortly.

Please bear with us!!!!!!!!!

We have kittens born to Erin & Amadeus on 2nd July and Kylie & Freddy on 3rd July

New pics of:-Willy Wonka, Dancing Queen, Lady Mary, Hanky Panky, Hips Dont Lie.

All courtesy of their owners.

Lady Mary meets her new parents before going to live in sunny Spain:)

On June 15th we went to an International Cat Show in Lutherworth where we had a lovely time meeting back with all our friends and two extra special people that came to England at a bit of a difficult time for us and they lit up our lives a lot. Thank you Carolina and Saul for a fabulous weekend.
Here are the results:
IC GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin - Ex1, CAP, NOM becoming Premier
GB*Nandinakatts Lady Mary - Ex2
GB*Nandinakatts Lady Sybil -Ex1, NOM (With a vote in the panel)
GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth - Ex 1, CAC- CHAMPION
Gilgad's Purple Haze- Ex1(2), CAC, BIV
GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth- Ex 1(2), CAC, BIV, NOM - CHAMPION

We want to wish Mary a safe trip home where she will be Lady Mary of Nabatea Nfo now .
And thank you everyone for a lovely show xxx


27th May 2013

We want to congratulate GB*Nandinakatts Rihanna for becoming Champion in Madrid Show today:)

We can now confirm that we are expecting kittens for early July. The proud parents to be are:

Erin ( IC GB*Nandinakatts Sugababe ) x Amadeus ( CH Old Possum's Tummel JW ).

This a repeat mating of our Female Music Artists Litter

Kylie ( CH GB*Nandinakatts Kylie ) x Freddy ( BE*Gilgad's Purple Haze ).

This will be the first litter for both of them and we are looking forward to seeing what they produce ;).

More information of expected colours in Our Plans.

New pics of Prince Harry courtesy of Louise and Derek in Scotland.

Freddy gardening and Queeny.

22nd May 2013

On Monday afternoon we had the pleasure of visiting Dr Virginia Luis Fuentes at the Royal Veterinary College

with four of our cats for HCM screening.

Here are the results:
CH Old Possum's Tummel, JW HCM Normal
IC GB*Nandinakatts Sugababe , HCM Normal
CH GB*Nandinakatts Kylie, HCM Normal
SC GB*Nandinakatts Shakira, HCM Normal

We are so gratefull that finally our cats can have proper measures as in England this test is still very dificult to get done and is very expensive.
We will be testing the rest of our cats in the near future thanks to that fabulous programme.

New pics of Gizmo courtesy of Jules@ Kattjewels.

17th May 2013

New pics of Alderney, Orinoco and Prince William courtesy Tom and Shelly.

Three of the kittens are happily settled with their new families and pictures will follow soon.

Mary is waiting to complete the regulations of UK to move to Spain Nabatea Cattery and she has Sybil as company until she moves to Mountain Spirit after the Lutterworth Show :)

We may be expecting the patter of tiny paws soon, more info as soon as its confirmed.

Queeny looks on as Lord Grantham (Knut) attacks the rabbit!!

We are not amused!!!

9th May 2013

We went to Swanley for an international cat show, we arrived very late on Friday as we went to the hospital to visit Fred first, we would like to thank all our friends organizing the show for making it possible to do Cat II first so that we could leave a bit earlier to arrive at Kettering hospital on time for visits . Thank you so much xxx

Here are the results:

Saturday 27th April
Gilgad's Purple Haze Ex1
IC GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin Ex1, CAGCIB
IC GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin Ex1, CAP, NOM
GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth Ex1(2),CAC, NOM
GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth Ex1 CAC

Sunday 28th April
Gilgad's Purple Haze Ex1
IC GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin Ex1, CAGCIB became Grand International Champion!
IC GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin Ex1, CAP, NOM
GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth Ex1(2),CAC, NOM

GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth Ex1 CAC, BIV-Total
Olivia was so happy to come back into the show bench and we are specially proud of the youngsters Queeny and Seeley as both were only just 10 month old and Lizzy went to the panel against gorgeous big girls

Congratulations to Munchkin GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin

on becoming GIC.

20th April 2013

New pics of The downton Litter, Queen Elizabeth

Sad news, Dave's dad was taken into hospital this week after suffering a heart attack.

Good news is he has had an operation and is doing ok for the moment.

We should be ok for the Swanley show this coming weekend all being well.

Needless to say there isnt much time for updating website under the circumstances but

we shall do the best we can. Thanks to all those that have been in contact with us regarding

recent events.

29th March 2013

New pics of The Downton Litter, Freddy, Temperance.

New pics of Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and Kermit ( Muppet Litter)


Miss Piggy

20th March 2013

New pics of Downton Litter and the weekend show in Wythall.

New pics of Freddy, Munchkin, Amelia, Hola.

Seeley Booth

We had a lovely weekend at the Viking Cat club show in Wythall and here are the results:
Saturday 16th March
BE*Gilgad's Purple Haze Ex1, BIV-Total, NOM and went to become Best in Show Junior
GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth Ex1
GB*Nandinakatts Temperance Brennan Ex1
GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth Ex1(4), BIV 3-10, NOM lost in a draw with Purple :)
IC GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin Ex1, CAGCIB, NOM but in the BIS for first time in his life he decided to be moody and was retired of the competition as we never believe on cats being upset (Thank you John for handling him lovely)

Sunday 17th March
BE*Gilgad's Purple Haze Ex1, BIV-Total, NOM
GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth Ex1
GB*Nandinakatts Temperance Brennan Ex1
GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth Ex1(4)
GB*Nandinakatts Jingle Belle Ex2 and was lovely to see her after having her kittens

It was lovely see all the people again although there were a lot of people we miss this weekend


13th March 2013

Arrived back safely from Tienen Belgium despite all the snow, more on that later.

New pics of the Downton Litter 5 weeks old.

They are growing so well and are such a friendly bunch of babies :)

Well, the weather in Tienen was a bit grim to say the least.

We had rain and fog on the way on Friday, Saturday was more of the same but the temerature was 14 degrees at least. This didnt help us much as the walk from the car park to the hall was rather longer than expected :)

However, the show was a success on Saturday in the UK camp!

Sunday was even better despite the start of the cold and snow.

Saturday 09 March
BE*Gilgad's Purple Haze Ex2
IP GB*Nandinakatts Mr Bombastic Ex1, CAGPIB
GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth EX1
GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth Ex1, NOM

Sunday 10 March (Norwegian Forest Cat Special)
BE*Gilgad's Purple Haze Ex1(5),BIV,NOM
GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth EX1, BIV3-10, NOM
GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth Ex1, BIV 3-10, NOM

Unfortunately on Sunday Mr Bombastic wasn't feeling up to scratch and we decided removed him from the competition. We want to thank everyone for a lovely weekend :)


On Monday we started back with light snow and then as we got to Calais it was increasingly worse.

At the Euro tunnel we missed the train as the workers were trying to clean the snow from every vehicle before entering. They stopped doing this about 6 cars in front of us and then they sent us to wait in the car park as our train had already left :(

Anyway we got on the next train and just as well as soon after they stopped all trains running from what we gather. Having reached Terra Ferma in the uk we battled through several storms until we reached the M11 and from there we were in more reasonable weather until we arrived home.

Lets hope Worcestershire next weekend will not be such a trial.

5th March 2013

New pics of the Downton Litter @ 4 weeks.

Result of walking in the food pot.

You have to excuse us for the dirty mouths in the pics but we are learning to eat proper food

and we are getting in a right mess :)

New pics of Enzo and Bayley and Tilly. Thanks to their respective owners for the pics.

New pics of Amadeus, Freddie,Lance Sweets, Olivia and Kate.

Olly will hopefully be back on the show bench soon.

The next show is in Tienen, Belgium and is a Norwegian Forest Special so we will update

when we return. Lets hope we can have a bit of success :)

24th Feb 2013

Yesterday in the Awards Gala Dinner of Felis Britannica we became 4th overall Best Breeders 2012 and 3rd Best Norwegian Forest Cats Breeder.
GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth became 2nd Best Kitten in Category II and 2nd overall kitten all breeds :)
To say we are very proud is an understatement and we want to thank everyone for a lovely year.

New pics of The Downton Litter @ 2 and 3 weeks old.

Mary getting a tongue lashing

There is a lot of interest in this litter but no decisions will be made until they are 5-6 weeks old.

They are developing very nicely and they are very good weights as Shakira, as always is being an excellent mum:)

Mary refuses to get out of bed for photo shoot no matter what the price.


14th Feb 2013

New pics of Big Bang and Prince Charles (Charlie) who has gone to live with Big Bang in Chester.

Charlie was returned to us in January and spent 3 weeks recovering before being re-homed.

Thanks to Simon and Laura for giving him a loving home :-)

He has gained a new brother to play with as their pics show.

10th Feb 2013

Pics of the Downton litter at one week. They are growing very well and developing nicely.

The four girls are now on hold (no decisions will be taken until they are 5-6 weeks old) and little Robert, despite interest, has not yet been put on hold :).

New pics of Freddy and Queeny at the winners show in Rugby 2013

New plans

3rd Feb 2013

Welcome babies!!
Yesterday we had the pleasure of welcome our Downton Abbey Litter :)
We were not expecting so many as Shakira only gained 1020 grames on Wednesday so it is a mistery where she "toasted" all five of them. This is the 3rd time we repeat this combination as we love the outcome of that mating and always give us strong and very soppy kittens :)

More information and photos coming soon

30 Jan 2013

Pics of KattJewels "Gizzy" in General Pics.

We were at the Winners Show in Rugby on 27th Jan. Show results to follow


20th Jan 2013

New General pics page for current events.

New pics of Amadeus, Erin, Munchkin, Lance, Lizzy, Kate, Temperance and Kylie.

Weather permiting we shall be attending the winners show in Rugby.

The cats are enjoying the current weather conditions with a couple of exceptions who refuse

to participate in the fun. Lance seems to be in a permanent state of frozen fur and unfortunately

refuses to use the catflap and is making life difficult for the resident doorman.

16th January 2013

We are expecting kittens in early February all being well, more info to follow soon.

Pics of of cats and kittens in the snow coming soon.

Well.........No News is Good News!!

Clara is still in Spain until the New Year so nothing in the way of pictures this update.

Have a happy and prosperous new year from us all here at Nandinakatts.

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19th Dec 2012

New pics of Prince Harry,Freddy,Gizmo,Lizzy,Seeley Booth and Temperance.

This lovely little girl is Chestnut Girl La Peyre daughter of Rihanna

Pooh Bear the lovely daughter of Munchkin (Stud Muffin) and Teddy (Misletoe)

11th Dec 2012

We have been in Beaune (France) in a two days show featuring on the Saturday and special Norwegian Forest Cats

We took Seeley Booth, Queen Elizabeth and Temperance Brennan and we are over the moon with the results in a very hard competition!
Seeley was both days Ex 1 of several kittens, BIV and nominated

Queen Elizabeth was both days Ex1 of 3, BIV and nominated on the Saturday

Temperance was also Ex1 both days, biv and nominated on Saturday

We are so proud of them, they travelled wonderfully and come back home with several impressive rosettes.

We had a lovely time meeting loads of people and seeing gorgeous cats ;-)

Seeley Booth doing his bit on the podium in Beaune France

Seeley in the panel on Saturday

Fly Hunter Tree House*Es the gorgeous daughter of our Jemima Pudle Duck :-)

Thank you Sabine for the fabulous photos :-).


We want to welcome our new boy Gilgad's Purple Haze, that arrived earlier this week all the way from Germany.

He is co-owned with our friend Gary.

Thank you Petra and Dirk for such a wonderful boy.

More pictures of Purple and the show in France coming soon.

6th Nov 2012

New pics of Seeley Booth, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Kate

Lance Sweets and Big Bang Theory.


29th October 2012

We were in Bourne International Cat Show and here are the results:

GB*Nandinkatts Seeley Booth was both days Ex1(2),BIV-Total, Nom, Best in Show 3-6

Best in show kitten, Best in Category II!!! and on Saturday went to become


On Sunday he was second overall in show against a lovely british, as you can imagine we are over the moon.

The Ex2 went both days for his brother Lance Sweets that

charmed all the judges and got excellent reports.

IC GB*Nandinakatts Mrs Tiggy Winkle got her point both days and became Grand International Champion

on Sunday.

IC GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin got his certificates both days and was BIV on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth was Ex1(3) both days

As I couldn't be there on Sunday because of my bad back I want to thank to everyone that help with our cats.

Lance still needs to find his forever home, he is a very sweet boy making honour to his name.

There are some new pictures in his page.
All the individual reults will be soon in their pages.

23rd October 2012

Well you will have to bear with me I am afraid. Clara is prone on the sofa with a bad back.

As some of you will know she was suffering at the Bourne show on Saturday and only made

it to deliver the cats to the pens on Sunday. After that things went downhill fast.

Details about all the achievements will be forthcoming shortly but suffice to say

GB*Nandinakatts Seeley Booth gained best in show overall on saturday and 2nd place on sunday.

Many thanks to Gary and others for helping show the cats throughout the 2 days.

Seeley Booth has found a home now (details to follow soon)

Pictures and more show updates to follow as soon as Clara is able.

12th October 2012

Seely Booth and Lance Sweets are still looking for their right homes.

These two gorgeous boys are ready to go now :)

Two new pics of Kylie just because she is looking cute for the camera.

New plans.

25th Sept 2012

Seeley Booth and Lance Sweets are still looking for their forever homes.

They are all sweet and loving kittens :)

We were in Zedelgem, Belgium at the weekend for an international show on Sunday.

We were over the moon with the results of "Team GB", we had a lovely weekend out with our friends

and our two representatives behaved fantastic during the trip and the show.

We took for the first time Queen Elizabeth at only 16 weeks and she didn't stop purring and pedaling

for the whole weekend.

These are the results of our cats:-

GB*Nandinakatts Queen Elizabeth Ex1, BIV-Total.

IP GB*Nandinakatts Mr Bombastic Ex1, CAPGIB, Nom, Best in Show neuter male!!

(all votes in the panel but one).

Last week several of our kittens went to their new homes, we want to wish Zack Addy, Jack Hodgins

Prince William and Prince Charles the best of luck in their new families :).

Also last week Mia and Fifi found their forever homes and are now happily settled in their new home.

The weekend of the 15th we attended the Alcester show where we got the chance to see again

the gorgeous Armani (now Bayley) and Firework (now Enzo). Thank you Lisa and Chris for taking them

to the show and for showing them in amazing condition.

Munchkin and Teddi's daughter, Zivannaz Pooh Bear, was best in show 6-10.

We are obviously very happy about that.

We took some of our kittens and they enjoyed the weekend with loads of cuddles.

The rest of the results will soon appear in their individual pages.


10th Sept 2012

New pics of Lance, Seely and Temperance from the Bones litter @ 12 Weeks old.

Zak and Jack are in the vets being neutered today so needless to say

they dont feel like posing:)

New pics of the Jubillee litter @ 13 Weeks old.

Prince Harry has gone to his new home in Scotland today.

4th Sept 2012

New pics of the Jubilee litter @ 12 Weeks old.

Prince William and Princess Kate are still looking for their forever homes.

Updated 30th August 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ 11 Weeks old.

26th August 2012

New pics of the Jubilee litter @ 11 Weeks old.

The Swiss style chalet is complete! The entrance for felines is round the back

in case you were wondering.

No doubt there will be pics of the Bones litter etc adorning this masterpiece later!

18th August 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ 10 Weeks old.

New pics of Stud Muffin, Gucci and Moo Moo

16th August 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ 9 Weeks old.

New pics of the Jubilee litter @ 10 Weeks old.

Kittens at play in the garden

On the construction front, The mini suspension bridge to go over the fish pond is complete.

Its given me a bit of a headache but has turned out reasonably well. The next step will be

trying to make it in self assembly as you will all want one no doubt :)

6th August 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ 8 Weeks old.

New pics of the Jubilee litter @ 9 Weeks old.

30th July 2012

Today we confirmed that Jack Hogins is silver, we had always the doubt but his silver is coming on nicely now :-)

New pics of the Bones litter @ 7 Weeks old.

New pics of the Jubilee litter @ 8 Weeks old.

23rd July 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ 6 Weeks old.

New pics of the Jubilee liter @ 7 Weeks old.

17th July 2012

This weekend Shakira achieved the highest title in Fife becoming Supreme Champion on Sunday!
She never lost a certificate though in the show bench and on Sunday she was BIV-Total and nominated.

We are over the moon as this is the second cat from our first litter that gain this honour :-).

Her son together with Amadeus, Munchkin, became International Champion on Saturday and got his first point towards his Grand title.

Our lovely daughter of Muchkin Zivannaz Pooh Bear co-owned with Zivannaz was both days BIV-total and nominated on Sunday having one vote in the panel.
Also Kylie at the tender age of 11 months became Champion on Saturday out of 3 lovely girls.

Ginger Ale Tree House*ES came across as well and he got his first 2 CAC.

The results will be in their pages soon.

New pics of the Bones litter @ 5 Weeks old.

New pics of the Jubilee liter @ 6 Weeks old.

In a few days Mia (GB*Nandinakatts Hips don't Lie) and Fi Fi (GB*Nandinakatts Hanky Panky) will be returned to us due to a new member of their family suffering a terrible allergy to them. Both girls are absolutely adored and it has been a very difficult decision, but as they only want the best for this two lovely girls we are looking for a lovely indoor home for both of them. They love each other and it will be a shame separate them.
They will be re-introduced to our cat family until they find a nice family.
Of course both girls are neutered and they are lovely pets.


9th July 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ 4 Weeks old.

New pics of the Jubilee liter @ 5 Weeks old.

30th June 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ 23 days old.

New pics of the Jubilee liter @ 27 days old.

As you can see the boss is back and the pics are up to the usual standard :)

Just wait until next weekend when the new macro lens arrives, I shall expect even better although

I shall be in Wales visiting K2, Sash and possibly Big Bang, I shall have the computer to upload

the pics if Clara decides to send them to me :)

26th June 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ 19 days old.

New pics of the Jubilee liter @ 24 days old.

Clara is sunning herself in Espana so the pics are taken by me (Dave).

Any complaints about the quality can be sent to the boss on facebook :)

21st June 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ 13 days old.

New pics of the Jubilee liter @ 18 days old.

We attended the International Show in Lutterworth on 16/17 June.

We took with us a variety of cats (7 in total) as the show was local to us.

Some owners of our cats also attended and all in all it was a good weekend.

Results to follow when Clara has time to type as she has a busy week ahead.

14th June 2012

New pics of the Bones litter @ one week old.

New pics of the Jubilee liter @ twelve days old.

10th June 2012

Sadly the Wombles litter have vacated the common and have all gone to pastures new :). Its been a busy weekend getting them all ready for their new owners to collect. We wish them and their new owners many happy hours together in their new lives.

Clara has passed the Pawpeds Academy G2 course and is looking to do the G3 once its available in English.

New pics of the Jubilee litter @ one week and @ 2 days the Bones litter.

8th June 2012

On the 6th of June Erin gave birth to five lovely kittens.

4th June 2012

On the 1st of June Missy gave birth to five lovely kittens.

It was a very easy birth and the first litter for her and the first litter in our cattery of Xarel.:)

As history is history regardless what we think about Monarchies :), we have decided to call them

the obvious. We wait patiently to see the development of what we think are very promising kittens

22nd May 2012

New pics from the Swanley Show 12-13 May 2012

The show was attended by several people from Europe so we expected some stiff competition. Indeed

there were some stunning cats there but the locals held their own in several classes.
Here are the results :
GB*Nandinakatts Miss Piggy was both days Ex1, BIV Total on Sunday and both days Nominated and

Best in Show 3-6 Kitten.

GB*Nandinakatts Fozzie Bear was Ex1(2) both days, BIV-Total and Nominated on Sunday having

1 vote in the panel and all the rest were for his sister :-)

GB*Nandinakatts Kermit was also Ex1 both days, BIV-Total on Saturday and nominated on Sunday.

On Sunday we enter them in the litter class and our Muppets were Best Litter on Show !!! at the

tender age of 14 weeks old.

Photos courtesy of Bob Fox

Three babies in the hotel

GB*Nandinakatts Minxy Minx were as well on the Saturday and she got her second CAC.

Thank you Annette and Jen for bring her always looking so lovely.

CH GB*Nandinakatts Mrs Tiggy Winkle "Hola" got her 4th and 5th CACIB, was BIV-Total and Nominated on Sunday becoming International Champion :-)

Alfie (SP GB*Nandinakatts Simply Red) lost the Best in Show in the drawn on Sunday.
Thank you Cecilia for show him always looking fab!!!

Kylie (GB*Nandinakatts Kylie) was Ex2(3) both days loosing against her sister Beyonce who belong to our friend Gary.

GB*Nandinakatts Mr Bombastic was both days Ex1, CAP and was nominated on Sunday becoming Premier :-)

We are so proud of all of them!!!

Our Muppets are now happy and settle in their new homes. We want to wish them and their new owners the best of luck in their new lifes.

New pictures of Bayley, Enzo, Merlin, Mia and Mexi in their individual pages :-)

We are expecting kittens between Missy and Xarel in the beginning of June being all ok :-)

Olivia has given us two wonderful litters but in the last pregnancy, with the twins located on the sciatic nerve she had a difficult time. Although she had an easy delivery of the seven kittens, we have decided to retire her from our breeding program as our cats are our pets first and foremost. Her two daughters, together with Big Bang will continue the genetic lines. Olivia will be spayed soon and she will continue to be part of our pet family as always.

11th May 2012

New pics of the Wombles with Simons Cat!!

8th May 2012

The Muppets are now 13 weeks old and soon will be moving to their new homes.
We have enjoyed the company of this 3 sweethearts and we will miss them terrible but they will much adored in their new homes :-).

There is some new pictures Wombles 8 weeks.

27th April 2012

New pics of the Wombles litter

Shansi and Bulgaria ballroom dancing...Miss Adelaide just wants a high 5

click image to see pictures

New pics of Mr Bombastic in Sweden click here

22nd April 2012

New pictures of the muppets @ 11 weeks click here

18th April 2012

After a relaxing trip to Spain for birthday parties etc Clara hot footed it to Sweden with Tracy Wood for a two day show on 14/15 April. Clara took GB* Nandinakatts Mr Bombastic and Tracy took Norsvana Eilina Aurora.

On saturday Mr B got EX2 and on sunday EX1 (3), CAP but missed the BIV against a much older beautiful cat.

We are very proud of Mr B as his group contained some stiff competition.

Mr B and Eilina got on very well together and travelled wonderfully in the car and ferry. We didnt hear a peep from them and when we arrived they went walking on the beach in Malmo :). We met with some of our Spanish breeder friends and we met other wonderful cats and their breeders, (pics coming soon).

New pictures of the Muppets @ 10 weeks old and the Wombles @ 5 weeks.

3rd April 2012

Last weekend we attended the Swindon show.

These are the results:

Xarel-lo La Peyre*ES got Ex1(2), CAC on saturday becoming a Champion and his first CACIB Nom becoming Best in Show male adult on sunday.

GB*Nandinakatts Kylie was Ex2(3) on saturday and Ex1(2) BIV (3-10) Nom and lost the Best in Show with a 3 way split vote (drawn winner).

GB*Nandinakatts Mrs Tiggy Winkle was back in the show bench and although her condition was not the best she got CACIB both days.

GB* Nandinakatts Stud Muffin got CACIB both days.

GB* Nandinakatts Moo Moo got CAP both days.

GB* Nandinakatts Love Me Do got Ex1(3) BIV on saturday and Ex2(3) on sunday.

GB* Nandinakatts Honey Honey got her points on both days towards her Grand International Premier.

Thank you Ann Morgan for showing your beautiful girls.

GB*Nandinakatts Beyonce was Ex1(3) BIV (3-10) on saturday and Ex2(2) on sunday.

Thank you Gary for showing your beautiful girl.

On sunday GB*Nandinakatts Jingle Belle was Ex1(3) CAC, BIV and Nom and GB*Nandinakatts Minxy Minx got her first CAC.

Thank you Annette and Jen for coming and showing your beautiful girls.

Pictures will coming but a bit delayed as we have a busy week ahead, however there is a link here for a slide show on you tube.

26th March 2012

The Muppets ready for the Olympics

New pictures of the Wombles 2 weeks

New pictures of Big Bang and Sash

11th March 2012

Meet The Wombles:)

9th March 2012

The kittens of Olivia and Cheeta were born this morning, more details and pics to follow later.

26th February 2012

We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded:

Breeder of the year 2011

Also in the points award dinner 2010/2011 show year our Munchkin (GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin) became:




His mother Shakira (GB*Nandinakatts Shakira) became:


We wnat to congratulate Cecilia MacLeod as Alfie (GB*Nandinakatts Simply Red) became:


We are very grateful to those that supported us and showed our cats over the last twelve months.

Pictures of the kittens have been updated in their own pages

19th Feb 2012

New pictures of the kittens taken yesterday at 17 days old

15th Feb 2012

We were going to take pics of the kittens but we decided to leave it till later having found this....


No wonder I never get anything done in the office!

9th Feb 2012

After much deliberation in the camp,Cookie Monster has been renamed Kermit as despite the internet telling us Cookie was a Muppet we think otherwise.

Pictures 1 week old can be found in their individual pages.

5th February 2012

Shakira and Amadeus litter Arrived on the morning of 1st February .

Click the picture to see more of this litter.

We have been in Ware Show 28th and 29th January 2012 and here are results, we came back with loads of new titles :-):

GB*Nandinakatts Gucci got Ex1 on Saturday becoming Premier and CAPIB on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Miss Tarty Pants "Missy" was Ex1, CAC both days BIV on Sunday becoming Champion on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin was Ex1, CAC both days, BIV-Total Sunday becoming as well Champion

GB*Nandinakatts Mr Bombastic was Ex1(2) on Saturday and Ex1, BIV 3-10,Nom on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Lollipop was Ex1(2), CAC on Saturday becoming Champion and CACIB

Xarel-lo La Peyre*ES got his CAC both days and BIV on Saturday

Ginger Ale Tree House*ES got Ex1 both days and BIV-Total Saturday

GB*Nandinakatts Love Machine "Gizmo" got CAC, BIV-Total, NOM on Saturday and CAC on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Love Me Do "Lady P" got Ex 2 both days

GB*Nandinakatts Beyonce got as well Ex2 both days against her half sister :-)

We want to congratulate Tracy and Colin Wood as Norsvana Eilina Aurora was Best in Show 3-6 on Saturday and was nominated on Sunday. Her daddy Amadeus is very proud of his little girl.

Picture by Tracy Wood

Also we are over the moon as GB*Nandinakatts Rihanna, now living in La Peyre (Spain) went to her first show in Burdeaux and on Saturday she was Ex1,BIV-Total, Nomination and Best in Show 3-6!!!!
Congratulations to Anne and Lorena.

Munchkin has sired his first litter in Zivannaz Cattery. Four beautiful kittens were born on the 27th January 2012.

Some pics of Kaia and Loki in the snow

Some pics of our cats in their individual pages today.

15th January 2012

Loads of updates :)

We are expecting kittens at the end of January.

For more info click here.

Xarel-lo La Peyre*ES and Ginger Ale Tree House*ES are now in the country.

We want to thank you Anne, Lorena, Javier, Lucia and Fabio for entrusting us with these gorgeous boys.

Thanks also to Tracy and Colin Wood for bringing them into the country and taking Rihanna to her new home in Spain.

Everyone settled very fast and you can see the pictures in their individual pages.

We want to wish the best of luck to Rihanna in her new home with our friends at La Peyre.

Rihanna now has pictures in her new home.

Due to unforseen circumstances GB* Nandinakatts Lollipop "Freya" is back with us and has settled in wonderfully. We have already decided on her future and more pictures will follow soon.

New pictures of Bayley and Enzo. Thanks Lisa and Chris.

New pictures I took in our visit to Zivannaz of Lady P

I visited Eire (GB*Nandinakatts Jemima Puddle Duck ), Coco (GB*Nandinakatts Coco Chanel) and all the wonderful cats of our friends in Tree House Cattery.

New pictures of Kylie in her page.

We visited Sharon and Chris and their beautiful cats and there are some pictures of Elgin, Merlin and Mia.

GB*Nandinakatts Versace AKA Mia

Fifi (GB*Nandinakatts Hanky Panky) 8 Months old. Thanks Steph.

We want to congratulate Gizmo (GB*Nandinakatts Love Machine) on becoming GCCF Champion on 7th Jan 2012.

In December Nadinakatts Cattery passed G1 course of Pawpeds.

Pictures of Loki and Kaia coming soon.

Mr B and Moo Moo 9 Months old

Two very big and fluffy sweet boys.

1St January 2012

All @ Nandinakatts wish you a Happy New Year

Clara is back from Spain and sleeping her head off recovering so be patient for a few days while I get her into gear!!

We want to thank Lorena (La Peyre) for doing the lovely cards for us while our cats are still in Spain, as they will be joining us in the new year we wanted to share them with you.


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9th December 2011

We have been in The Aristocats Cat Club this weekend and these are the results:

GIC GB*Nandinakatts Shakira got CACs both days

GB*Nandinakatts Mr Bombastic got Ex 1(3), BIV on Saturday and Ex1(4) , NOM on Sunday.

GB*Nandinakatts Moo-Moo got Ex2(3) on Saturday and Ex2(4) on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Kylie was Ex1(3), BIV, NOM on Saturday amd Ex1(4), BIV on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Beyonce was Ex2(3)on Saturday and Ex3(4) on Sunday

GB*Nandinakatts Rihanna got both days Ex1 (2)

GB*Nandinakatts Gucci was Ex1, CAP on Saturday and Ex2 on Sunday

On Sunday GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin "Munchkin" & GB*Nandinakatts Miss Tarty Pants "Missy" got their first CAC, just over 10 months old.Gizmo "GB*Nandinakatts Love Machine was Ex2 against a lovely older boy, but he is grown into a very lovely young boy with very sweet nature and fabulous bonning :). He is being quite busy and is already dad of two gorgeous litters ( for more info visit our kitten page).
Many congratulations to Jules and Paul.

"Teddi" GB*Nandinakatts Mistletoe got Ex1,CAC both days and the NOM on Saturday, becoming CHAMPION on Sunday.

PR GB*Nandinakatts Honey Honey got CAPIB and NOM on Saturday becoming INTERNATIONAL PREMIER and giving her mother Amelia the tittle of DISTINGUISHED MERIT!!!! and on Sunday she got CAGPIB, BIV and NOM

There were several offspring of Amadeus " Ch Old Possum's Tummel,JW and they all did fabulous and look gorgeous. We are very proud of our grandkittens.

Special Congratulations to his son Horatio "Zivannaz Crimsom Truffle" as he was BIV-Total, Nom and Best in Show 3-6 , many congratulations to Ann Morgan.

Thank you Jules for take all that fab pictures on Saturday :).

In the Show in Parla (Spain)

Xarel Lo La Peyre*ES got Ex2(3) on Saturday and Ex1(3), BIV, NOM and Best in Show 6-10 on Sunday!!

Ginger Ale Tree House*ES made his debut in a show and was Ex1 and NOM on Saturday and Ex1 and BIV on Sunday :-)

GB*Nandinakatts Coco Chanel went as well to her first show in Spain and got both days Ex1, CAC and she was BIV on Saturday.

Pictures of Coco and Xarel thanks to our friends, Carol, Saul, Lorena, Angels and Albert
We want to give a huge thank to Lucia, Fabio, Anne, Lorena and Javier for made this possible and of course to all ours friends that help.

GB*Jotunkatts Amelia became Distingished Merit thanks to:

SP GB*Nandinakatts Simply Red

GIC GB*Nandinakatts Shakira

IC GB*Nandinakatts Sugababe

IC GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin

IP GB*Nandinakatts Honey Honey

We would like to thanks Cecilia Macleod and Ann Morgan as without Alfie and Honey this title wouldn't be possible :-).

In the end of October we went together with a lovely group of English breeders to the World Show in Poland (Poznan), we didn't tok any cats but we want to thank you Cecilia Macleod as she took the lovely Alfie (SP GB*Nandinakatts Simply Red) and he did all of us proud as he was HP and he managed to be Best in variety neuter!!!!.

We couldn't be happier about his big achievement!!!

I had a fantastic few days with my friends, meeting very nice people and very impressive cats :)

We have loads of new photos to upload, but it is difficult as I have no idea of how to use the programme for the new website so with a bit of patience all will come :-).

18th October 2011

Where to start?

There are some updates, we are catching up.

Unfortunately we have very sad news as our beloved Lady Gaga suddenly died at home. We are devastated as she was going to be part of this cattery.

We have done all the postmortems and we know she died of an acute kidney failure. It was so sudden and extremely hard as she was an extraordinary little cheeky character. All the results will be soon in our memory page as statistically this kind of thing only will happen to 0.2% of cats and sadly she was in that number.....

R.I.P Little Lady Gaga.

She was the spitten image of her father as you can see.

Munch and Amadeus love each other

On a more happy note life must go on and the rest of her sisters are growing lovely and happy and there are some new pictures in the kitten page.

GB*Nandinakatts Love Machine "Gizmo" was, last Saturday, in a GCCF show and he became Best of the Breed and Best in Show semi-long hair kitten!!!!

We are over the moon!!! Many congratulations to Jules and Paul Candler :-)

On the 11th of Sepetember we attended a cat show in Grantham and here are the results:

GIP GB*Nandinakatts Shakira got CACs , NOM and Best in show female adult as well as the adult Best in Show!!! with all the votes in the panel

GB*Nandinakatts Stud Muffin got Ex 1 and NOM

GB*Nandinakatts Miss Tarty Pants got Ex1(2)

GB*Nandinakatts Gucci was Ex1

"Teddi" GB*Nandinakatts Mistletoe got Ex1, NOM and Best in Show (6-10) winning her cousin Munchkin in the panel

"Lady P" GB*Nandinakatts Love Me Do got Ex1 (2)

PR GB*Nandinakatts Honey Honey got CAPIB

Many congratulations to Ann Morgan for always show these girls in perfect condition.

Updated 12th September 2011

In the annual Points awards of 2010 Amadeus (CH Old Possum's Tumel, JW) became:
Best Kitten Category II
Best Norwegian Forest Cat Kitten
Overall Best Kitten all breeds
2nd Overall Cat all breeds
(sharing points with his half brother Old Possum's Peeping Tom)

We are obviously very proud of him and we want to congratulate his breeder Judith MacArthur for entrusting us such a wonderful boy!!!

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18th August 2011


Moo Moo and Mr Bombastic are ready to go anytime now

Our new 'All Girl' litter now have their own individual pages

View their pages HERE


Firework is also settled in his new home with Bayley

We want to congratulate Jules and Paul as Gizmo "GB*Nandinakatts Love Machine" who attend his first GCCF show last weekend and got 1st open and Best of the Breed!!!!.

We are so very proud :)


New pictures of Tilly coming soon :-)

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Updated 1st August 2011

We welcome our litter between Erin (IC GB*Nandinakatts Sugababe) and Amadeus (CH Old Possum's Tummel, JW) which arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning :-)

We think they are all girls and their individual pages will soon follow :-)

We want to congratulate our friends Ann and Julie as they have just welcomed their first litter of Zivannaz Cattery sired by our Amadeus.

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Updated 20th July 2011

Minxy Minx has now found her "forever" home however, Casanova is still looking for his.

Finally I have my camera back and the kittens have been updated.

Daydream Believer, aka Loki, left us last weekend and is adored by Pippa, Tim and his new friend Molly.

Hanky Panky, now Fifi is also settled with the Summers family and Mia :-)

Yesterday after the two day show Love Me Do now Penelope went to live with Ann and Julie at Zivannaz Cattery and is perfectly settled and has made new friends

We want to wish these 3 sweeties the best of luck in their new lives. 
Firework is also sold and he will leave us next week.

We want to welcome a lovely litter in Selkcah Cattery with our friends Wendy and Carl sired by Amadeus


All the show results from The Garden of England International Cat Show.

There were loads of cats from our breeding and we want to thank everyone for looking after them so well and taking them in such nice condition.

Nandinakatts Stud Muffin "Munchkin" became Ex1, Nom both days and became BIS 3-6 month on saturday, BIV Total. He was also nominated for the red special.

Nandinakatts Miss Tarty Pants became Ex3(6) both days.

Nandinakatts Minxy Minx got Ex1 on both days, got wonderful reports and behaved lovely.

IC GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin "Olivia" was Ex1, CACIB, both days and became International Champion on the Sunday. Her son Xmas Pudding aka Casey were Ex1 and nominated and daughter Jingle Bell aka Mexi was Ex1. Both of them make their debut on the show bench on Saturday and were looking FAB!

GB*Nandinakatts Gucci was Ex2 on Saturday and Ex1 on Sunday

Nandinakatts Moo-moo wax Ex3 both days and Nandinakatts Love Me Do got Ex2 on both days, they both got lovely reports from the judges and lots of cuddles.

GB*Nandinakatts Love Machine "Gizmo" was Ex4 on Saturday and Ex1, BIV total on Sunday

many congrats to Jules and Paul.

GB*Nandinakatts Mistletoe "Teddi" was Ex1 both days and BIV total on Saturday

GB*Nandinakatts Whenever, Wherever "Ziva" was Ex2 on Saturday and Ex1 CAC on Sunday becoming Champion.

PR GB*Nandinakatts Honey Honey was CAPIB both days and nominated on Saturday


New Pictures of Bayley

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Updated 2nd July 2011

Where to start? It has been a busy few weeks and loads of things have happened.

Firstly Minxy Minx and Casanova are back with us due to an allergy of one of their previous owners. They have settled wonderfully back home and are enjoying the company of their extended family.

They are now 5 months old and are a very sweet purring pair.

Minxy on the left with her sister Missy

There has been some interest shown in them, however, they might become available at a later date, so all enquiries are still welcome!

Our Ooops! I did it again litter is growing up wonderfully, but there are no recent pictures due to my beloved camera being a bit poorly and is currently away having some treatment.

I managed to take some pictures today using Dave's camera, they are in their individual pages :)

They had their second vaccinations and microchips last week and the ones already reserved will begin to go to their new homes shortly.

New Pictures of of Gizmo, Teddi and Erin

Xarel and his 2 sisters

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Updated 15th June 2011

We had an incredible weekend in Bourne and here are the results!

Nandinakatts Stud Muffin "Munchkin" became Ex1, Nom and on both days unanimously won BIS
3-6 months, overall Best Kitten and Best in Category II as well as overall BIS.

We couldn't be more happy

Nandinakatts Miss Tarty Pants became Ex1 both days, she lost the nomination on Saturday against Munchkin but she was BIV-total on Sunday and Nominated.

GB*Nandinakatts Gucci wax Ex1 both days

IC GB*Nandinakatts Sugababe "Erin" was Ex1, CAGIB

Erin in the nominations

CH GB*Nandinakatts Squirrel Nutkin "Olivia" was Ex1, CACIB both days and nominated on Sunday with one vote in the panel.

GB*Nandinakatts Love Machine "Gizmo" mad his debut in the show and both days got Ex1, Biv-total and nominated!

congratulations Jules and Paul

GB*Nandinakatts Mistletoe "Teddi" made her debut on the show bench and got Ex1 losing nominations both days against cousin Munchkin.

GB*Nandinakatts Whenever, Wherever "Ziva" was Ex1, CAC both days

GB*Nandinakatts Honey Honey was CAP and both days nominated becoming Premier!

Many congratulations to Ann and Julie.

GB*Nandinakatts Lollipop was Ex1, CAC on both days

Many congratulations to the Hackles family

SP GB*Nandinakatts Simply Red "Alfie" was Ex1, POH and Nom on Saturday

Many congratulations to Cecilia and of course for BIS Monty!

I would also like to congratulate our friend Gary as his beautiful daughter of Big and Mee mee managed to get the nominations both days at only 11 months old and in her first show as an adult!


During last week GB*Nandinakatts Coco Chanel traveled to her new home in Spain with our friends Fabio and Lucia of Tree House Cattery. We will miss her a lot but she will be adored in Spain.

Thank you Lucia and Fabio again for trusting in us and to have this special girl :)

Some new pictures of our Ooops! I did it again litter will be online soon as unfortunately my camera is having a crisis.


New Photos of Mon Amor!

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Updated 5th June 2011

Some new pictures of our Ooops! I did it again litter at 8 weeks old.

Updated 24th May 2011

Some new pictures of our Ooops I did it again litter at 7 weeks old.

There is interest in some kittens but nothing is decided yet :)

Some new pictures of Mia now settled in her new home.

Some pictures of Armani now Bayley :)

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Updated 19th May 2011

Happy 2nd year birthday to our Beatrix Litter!!!

New pictures of our Ooops! I did it again litter at 6 weeks old.

They are now so mobile and some of them are jumping really high for their age so able to follow mummy out of the room by jumping the little dog door!

In the beginning of the New Year we will be welcoming our new stud boy Xarel lo La Peyre!

We want to thank Anne, Javier and Lorena for trusting us with this little gem and for looking after him until he can complete the rules and regulations to enter England.

His page will be complete soon with all of his info

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Updated 12th May 2011

New pictures of our Ooops! I did it again litter at 5 weeks old.

New photos of Kaia and Loki. They have grown up into beautiful young cats :)

We want to wish Chris Kindle now Tommy best of luck in his new home where he is much adored.

Photos coming soon!

Updated 26th April 2011

New pictures of our Ooops! I did it again litter at 21 days old.

Updated 20th April 2011

New pictures of our Ooops! I did it again litter at 13 days old

Versace now Mia is now settled in her new home together with Elgin, Merlin and Freya. It was amazing how quickly she came to love her new home and started to purr.

Some more pictures of her in her new home coming soon.

On Sunday "Gizmo" went to his new home. We want to wish him all the best with his new family.

Gizmo in her new home

New Pictures of Mexi and Casey in their new home.

Teddi on her 4 month old birthday

New Pictures of Honey and Ziva

Our Ooops! Litter has now moved to the Past Litters page.

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Updated 14th April 2011

We want to thank everyone that has shown interest in Versace who became available yesterday due to unforeseen circumstances we are happy to report that she has found a very loving family and she will be living with Elgin, Merlin and Freya as well of course with their fab new human family :)

Updated 13th April 2011

Due to unforeseen circumstances Versace has become available and is looking for a permanent home. She is fully vaccinated, micro chipped and has a pet passport. She is a very affectionate and loving cat with a wonderful personality.

She is almost 5 months old and is ready to go to her new home.

For more pictures of Versace please click HERE

Happy Birthday to our Abba Litter that is 1 year old today!!

New pictures of our Ooops! I did it again litter at 6 days old.

They are growing up lovely and purring so loud from that tender age.

New pictures of our Ooops! litter at 11 weeks.

New Pictures of Tilly and Teddi.

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Updated 6th April 2011

Our Ooops! I did it again litter was born yesterday morning, as the name indicates it was an accident as otherwise we would never have mated Hola at that time. The cat flap lock was found on the patio floor and they were only together for a small amount of time before we realised. The following day Hola started calling.

We welcome this lovely litter and they will soon have their own pages.

There are some photos of GB*Nandinakatts Sash! and GIC K-2 Chogory La Peyre*Es proud father of our first litter.

They are both enjoying their life in Wales and it was lovely to see them again. :-)

Sash is the first ever kitten in our cattery and we are so  proud of him! :-)

We wish Mistletoe aka Teddi best of luck in her new home with owners Ann and Julie at Zivannaz Cattery.

New pictures of Honey and Ziva

Santa Paws now "Lynx" have some new pictures in his new home.

New pictures of our Ooops! litter at 9 and 10 weeks old.

New pictures of Armani

More pictures of  Teddi and Tilly Soon :-)

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Updated 20th March 2011

We want to wish Santa Paws, Snowflake, Xmas Pudding and Jingle Belle best of luck in their new lives with their new families :-)

Snowflake now "Tilly" has some new pictures in her new home.

New pictures of our Ooops! litter at 7 weeks old.

New pictures of our Christmas litter at 12 and 13 weeks old.

They have now moved to Past Litters and we shall enjoy the company of Mistletoe and Chris Kindle a bit longer!

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Updated 8th March 2011

New pictures of our Ooops! litter at 6 weeks

New pictures of our Christmas litter at 11 weeks

We have been to  the Ware Show and here are the results:

GB*Nandinakatts Coco Chanel - Ex2

GB*Nandinakatts Gucci - Ex2

GB*Nandinakatts Versace - Ex2

All three behaved brilliantly but Coco and Versace lost against the older girls.

They were the best litter!

GB*Nandinakatts Whenever, Wherever "Ziva" - Ex1 in her last show as a junior.

GB*Nandinakatts Honey Honey - Ex1, CAP and Nom

and last but not least "Alfie" SP GB*Nandinakatts Simply Red - Ex1, POH, BIV and Nom

Many thanks to both Ann and Cecilia for taking such good care of them.


Some new pictures of Mia.

Thank you Steph for the lovely pictures.

Armani is now settled in with Lisa and Chris, thank you so much for looking after him so well.

More pictures in his page soon.

New pictures of Gypsy

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Updated 24th February 2011

New pictures of our Ooops! litter at 5, minus 2 days old.

At 9 and 1/2 months old GB*Nandinakatts Mon Amor became champion (CFA) during the weekend  in his first show in Hong Kong. We want to congratulate Moe and Zoltan.

We are so proud!

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Updated 16th February 2011

Our Designers litter has moved to the Past Litters page.

Armani left us on Monday for his new adventure and we wish him the best of luck with his new owners Lisa and Chris.

Versace and Coco Chanel will stay a bit longer with us before going to their new homes and Gucci will be staying with us! He has worked really hard to stay and Sue can't part with him.

New pictures of our Christmas litter at 9 weeks old. They had their first vaccinations and health checks and all behaved impeccably.

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Updated 6th February 2011

New pictures of our Christmas litter at 7 weeks old.

They are growing very fast and like their older brothers and sisters, they, are very friendly kittens and we truly enjoy their company :-)

New pictures of our Ooops! litter at 16 days old. This litter has a lot of interest but all enquiries are still welcome as nothing will be decided until they are a few weeks old.

Hopefully weather permitting new pictures of our Designer litter tomorrow.

They all love the garden and play with Amadeus who is back to his kitten stage. He is very happy with his new friends.

A bundle of love!

Armani playing in the garden

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Updated 1st February 2011

We have been to Milton Keynes International Cat Show with the Annual Norwegian Forest Cat Special and here are the results:

IC GB*Nandinakatts Sugababe "Erin" - Ex1, CAGCIB

SP GB*Jotunkatts Mountain Lilly, DSM "Jazz" - Ex1, HP, BIV and nominated for the Norwegian Forest special.

GB*Nandinakatts Gummy Bear - Ex1, CAC, BIV and became Champion!!

GB*Nandinakatts Whenever, Wherever "Ziva" - Ex1, BIV and nominated for the Norwegian Forest Special, where she lost in a draw.

GB*Nandinakatts Honey Honey - Ex1 and nominated for both Norwegian Forest Special and Main Best in Show.

We are very proud of our offspring :)


New pictures of our Christmas litter at 6 weeks.

New pictures of our Designer litter at 10 weeks

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Updated 23rd January 2011

New pictures of our Christmas litter at 5 weeks old

Our Ooops! litter was born on Thursday evening :)

This is our first litter sired by Amadeus (CH Old Possum's Tummel, JW) and it was not planned until later in the year but unfortunately Shakira escaped and Amadeus managed to do a quick mate.

In any case we are delighted with the outcome.

More information coming soon.

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Updated 18th January 2011

New pictures of our Designer litter at 9 weeks.

Gucci the gentle giant!

New pictures of our Christmas litter at 4 weeks.

Chris relaxing (a very rare moment)

Santa Paws wet after giving himself a bath in the cat fountain :-)


New pictures of Kaia and Loki :-)

Loki is the son of Erin and Lennart and Kaia is daughter of Amelia and Lennart, we are extremely happy with the development of both of these cats and we thank Maike and Rich for taking care of them so well.

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Updated 9th January 2011

New pictures of the Christmas litter at 3 weeks old.

There is some interest on them but nothing has been decided yet.

They have the pleasure today to leave the basket and enjoy their freedom.

New pictures of the Designer litter at 8, minus 1 day old. - They are developing very nicely and all of them weigh well over a kilo.

Eire and her daughter Darjeeling during my visit to Tree House :)

More Pictures Soon.

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