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They went that way!!

  Charlie was a street fighter, he was living rough in a  wishing well in a neighbours garden. When they removed the well he took up residence with us - after persistently entering through the catflap and stealing the food and generally making that dreaded tom cat smell!!!!!!

Daisy and Maisy seemed to like him despite this; so we had him neutered and he took position of "Guard Cat", looking after the two girls perfectly. Whenever the girls came in, Charlie was sure to be seconds behind them.

When Molly arrived we thought it would be all to much for him, but NO, he took her into the fold and played with her constantly. He does the same now with Enya, Jazz and Amelia. He treats all "His Girls" very gently but he has clearly two favorites; Maisy and Jasmine.

Since we enclosed the garden he has become a softy, as he does not have to protect the other anymore. He just spends his days being a "Daddy" to them all.

Now in 2011 Charlie sticks with Maisy and sometimes Erin or Shakira in their own private part of the garden as he is getting too old to be bothered now. He is beginning to look his age and is taking each day as it comes.

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